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The American Night 
James Douglas Morrison


Wilderness Vol. 1 
James Douglas Morrison  

The Lords (Notesof Vision)
James Douglas Morrison


An American Prayer 
(James Douglas Morrison) 



Jim Morrison 
(The Lords and The New Creatures) 

James Douglas Morrison 


Jim Morrison Paris Journal had been sold 
in Auctions...Piece by Piece 


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Images, words and poems - D. Rodz


Sweet my mood.
Out full of clouds 
A crowd.
Hot my soup.

Dreams inviting me.

I will meet with you.

Deep sleep.  

Secrets in blue. 

Stars on trees. 

 D. Rodz  



In your eyes
I can see
the seven seas,
that deep.  
All your breath
the air I need.
All the mysteries 
to keep compressed
on your sealed lips.  

An old scroll
is your soul. 
A new breed will
resurge while you sleep  
you and them
will be called.
Is  time to reborn.  
You will see with
new sight how
the waters sip
the sky. 
Not from within, 
from heaven the
tears from your lashes  
will drip. 


The children of men 
drunk by new visions
delirious in dances
over the flames 
of your heart in fire
threading words 
from sacred ashes. 
Until the birth
of the sun they will pray. 

Oh great eagle,
magestic bird of the 
stalking your prey 
in chains.
Come down humble! 
The earth will feed
your hunger
again and again.  
Give us the wisdom, 
and new directions.
Show us from yours
what our eyes can't 
reach to see. 
The prevision of our
decades diluted 
in our delusion of life 
and our needs.

D. Rodrz  

An inspiration and a friend in this human and spiritual journey and his muse Pamela Courson-Morrison

James Douglas Morrison 

Full name, James Douglas Morrison; born December 8, 1943, in Melbourne, Fla.; died July 3, 1971, in Paris, France; son of George Stephen (rear admiral in the U.S. Navy) and Clara Clarke Morrison; married Pamela (died 1974). Education: Attended St. Petersburg Junior College, 1961–62; attended Florida State University, 1962–63; attended University of California at Los Angeles, 1964–65.

Vocalist, songwriter, poet, and filmmaker. Founding member (with Ray Manzarek, John Densmore, and Robbie Krieger) of the Doors, 1965–71. Author of poetry books, including The Lords and the New Creatures, Simon & Schuster, 1970; The Bank of America of Louisiana, Zeppelin, 1975; Wilderness: The Writings of Jim Morrison, Villard Books, 1988; and of film scripts, including “Feast of Friends,” 1969, and “Highway,” 1970.

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His muse. The Queen of the Highway.
Pamela Curson-Morrison 

Queen of the Highway

She was a princess, queen of the Highway.
Sign on the road said "Take us to Madre."
No one can save her save the Blind Tiger.
He was a monster, black dressed in leather.
She was a princess, Queen of the Highway.
Now they are wedded, she is a good girl.
Making his children out in a meadow.
Naked as children, wild as can be.
Soon to have offspring 
Start it all over, start it all over.
American boy, American girl
The most beautiful people in the world.
Son of a frontier, indian swirl
Dance into the midnight whirlpool naked, Formless. 
I Hope it can continue a little while longer,
Little while longer

She was a princess yeah.

Pamela Courson- Morrison 

Long time girlfriend and alleged wife of singer Jim Morrison (of the Doors). Pamela Susan Courson was born December 22, 1946, in Weed California. She met Jim Morrison when she was 19 while an art student at Los Angeles City College. She would become Jim's girlfriend for the next 5 years until his death in 1971. Pamela died April 25, 1974, in her Hollywood apartment of a heroin overdose. Despite the fact that her parents were going to have her buried with Jim at Pere-Lachaise cemetery (Paris, France), and the fact that her father listed it as the place of burial on her death certifricate, there was too much red tape involved in transporting a body to a foreign country for burial. Her parents had her cremated remains buried at Fairhaven Memorial Park in Santa Ana, California.

I will never be untrue 

The Doors

I will never be untrue

Do anything you would want me to
Never stay out drinking
no later than two
(two thirty...)

I will never treat you mean
and I won't cause no kind of scene
Tell you all the people
all the places I have been

I will always treat you kind
try to give you peace of mind
Only you tell me that you love me
one more time

Now darling

please don't be sad

Don't run off like that

when you get mad

Cause if you do
you gonna lose
the best friend
that you ever had
That's no lie...

I will never be untrue
Do everything you want me to do
Bring all my loving all my money
bring it all home to you

I never be untrue

The Doors

At The Whiskey A Go Go 
The Beginning

The Doors 
(from left to right)

Robby Krieger- Guitar 

John Densmore- Drums 

Ray Manzarek- Keyboards 

James Douglas Morrison-Vocals